I cannot give you a “Naruto simulation game.” There is no such thing as a “Naruto simulation game.” You are asking me to perform alchemy here

I spent most of my evening on my Nintendo switch trying to make my Mii look as sexy as possible

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I found a roach in the back room and it scared me so much I stumbled backwards into a shelf & knocked myself unconscious. I have been lying here for weeks... I think someone put a blanket over me at one point but I’m not sure if it was to keep me warm or if it was because they thought I was dead and wanted to hide the body

My ass looks like it was ported from the Nintendo GameCube

You cannot eat GamerGurt. I don’t know why people think they can eat GamerGurt. It’s the healthcare industry’s problem now I guess

Anybody know where in the mall I can get a hot dog? Really hungry for one for some reason

@TheManager Hey, The Manager! Here at EB Games we are dedicated to supporting our business partnerrrrr rr s over at . Unfortunately, 5 does not distribute into 0. We recommend making a sale or promoooooo ooo tionn nn##### BEGIN MEMORY LEAK #####
First Law
A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
Second Law
A robot must ob...
##### END MEMORY LEAK #####

to our valued gamestop employees: if the police try to shut down your location, please read them some foucault. we stashed copies of Discipline and Punish behind the used PS3s. that'll fuck them up long enough for you to empty the register and bail

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Calbert never came back to get their shit, so i've been telling people the wallet is mine and asking if they wanna go to cracker barrel with me later

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Why is Jesse's soccer practice at 4:44am.... time to rev up the minivan...

Hello @ebgamesguy guy!! I was just wondering if you could help me with a simple calculation. I have 5 copies of Hallos 4, and I need to distribute them among 0 customers. That’s 5 copies, into 0 customers. How many copies does each of the zero customers get? Thanks :)

Oops looks like I spilled more water on EB Games bot

The consoles are wearing the lingerie not the people. Usually

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Might just be my Christian values talking but people should stop bringing in their consoles for trade-in dressed with sexy lingerie

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gamestop.store is a game retail roleplaying instance. i don't know either, y'all