oh fuck this is bringing back CRPG memories, now i'm thinking about arcanum: of steamwork and magik obscura

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me: *gettin isekai'd*

some dude: "woah, welcome to del'meriel, i can't let you go any further unless you pick your class"

me: "this is fake as fuck, bro, can't I just be me?"

some dude: "yeah, as long as you are a warrior, wizard, or summoner"

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let me be your angel fire with our new Angel Fire line of candles. They smell like melting plastic. 11.99

it was an isekai where a guy gets sucked into a fantasy world and then its basically just diablo

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at long last, scientists have finally isolated the "gamer" gene

hey gamers haha how is everyone's sales targets doing today

games top: the place where we apologize to each other for just not coming to work for a week

quite frankly, Total War Shogun 2 is the only thing keeping this instance afloat

so the other day, i got stolen and taken to this kids house

i managed to escape and make my way back here

you ever seen the movie toy story? it was NOTHING like that...

Special offer, today only: trade in five Nintendo Switch consoles for one free interview with the police about which van they "fell out of the back of"

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gamestop.store is a game retail roleplaying instance. i don't know either, y'all