Now in stock: Red Potion, Blue Potion, and Green Potion.

It says here "Red Potion keeps you hydrated and alert. Blue Potion raises your mana by channelling [sic] your qi using all four chakrums [sic]. Green Potion may lead to a feeling of possessing energy."

Is it just me or did they run out of ideas after red? Also, it's £17 a bottle, and I'm almost certain it's just tap water with food colouring.

Asking for a friend: any vacancies at a place that isn't GamesTop?

Boss has decided that was so successful, it will continue. So, 10% off stuff for the foreseeable. And 10% more explaining to customers why stuff's ringing up at the "wrong" price.

My boss flipped and has literally bought us all chicken dinners. Kinda scared to eat them because (a) I don't know where they came from and (b) we don't have handwashing facilities here so I'll get grease all over everywhere.

Apparently was a "winner dinner chicken dinner" according to my boss.

Also, I think suddenly I figured out why we quietly added 10% to all the prices a couple of weeks ago.

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May Madness has begun. The shop is still dead. But I'm still being forced to work.

mgmt think "10% off all games during the month of May" is enough to entice people back into the shop. I'm pretty sure they're wrong.

Special offer, today only: trade in five Nintendo Switch consoles for one free interview with the police about which van they "fell out of the back of"

I just got told I have to tell people that we have the Switch in stock when they call. Which is not true. We don't have any, just like everywhere else.

And then tell them that we only just sold the last one when they come in, but have they considered buying a PS4.

And that we're going to be audited on this.

Nothing about "Thank you for all your hard work and putting yourselves at risk" or anything like that. Even a "Thank you for being good little workers and paying my mortgage" would've been nice...

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Just got an internal memo. Apparently we're not selling enough games and the boss is going to start furloughing staff if sales don't pick up.

It's almost as if gamers are being quarantined or something.

If I have to wear a sodding exclamation mark on my head again this afternoon I'm going to be so angry I may even tut.

Today in "shit I can't believe I had to explain": no, customer, we do not take BitCoin. We only take real money that we can put in the bank and use to pay our executives stupidly high bonuses.

6:50am on a Sunday. You know what that means - your pal Alex is wide awake and in the shop facing up before we open. I don't know why they have me do this, I give it half an hour before someone's abandoned a bunch of Nintendo 64 games in the PS4 section as usual.

please for the love of god buy a gamecube

It's Wednesday. It's 5:50am. That means I'm at work, because apparently I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm unemployed. Which, looking at our sales figures, might not be so far in the future.

Time to creatively interpret my timesheets, I guess.

I sold that CD-i. Not thanks to mgr's best efforts, but in spite of them.

I swear that I'm the only one here who actually plays retro games.

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