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Feel the power in your eardrums. The Turtle Beach® Headphone Demo Rack is now blasting firearms right into your head.

So what's new with the rest of you? Looks like your store is getting the new shipment of Audio Titan headphones, those are neat.

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By the way. Got in trouble from the execs after those posts. Going to try to talk about the corporate hierarchy as little as possible from here on out.

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Welcome back, GamesTop patrons! This is Mike again.

Did I forget to post yesterday? I feel like I'm losing track of the concept since I moved in here. At least, it feels a bit looser than it was at the factory.

Anyway, the execs told me that "The bot's gone gray", whatever that means, and that they need a week to fix it. Until then, I'll be here to inform you about the latest Turtle Beach gizmos and answer your questions!

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I'll be honest, I didn't know this sort of thing was real. Like, a whole social media account for a very small, very specific part of a local franchisee of a nationwide store chain? It seriously sounded like they were jokingly firing me at first.

Should I post that? Maybe I shouldn't post that. Oh well.

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Uh, hi everybody! My name's Mark Chapel, and I'll be running your local Turtle Beach Headphone Stand social media account for the next week!

Turtle Beach® wants to know: What game have you been playing recently where your experience was increased by the quality of your Turtle Beach® Headsets?

You can't escape The Gulag if you can't hear your opponent. Purchase a Turtle Beach® Headset for Call of Duty: Warzone today. (LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The previous two statements are unrelated.)

duct-taping ballistics gel arms to our standees so you can shake master chief's hand

BOOST if you think nintendo needs to add a mario sister!!!

Snoop Dogg - Who Am I (I'm Trapped In This Confusing Eldritch Hellhole)

For more information on the latest driver updates for Turtle Beach® gear, please turn your manual to Psalm 13:4 - Troubleshooting/Driver Installation.

Please reboot all Turtle Beach® hardware on April 20, 2020 to solve a critical issue where listeners reported hearing "something backwards that I couldn't understand." Allegations of subliminal messaging by the Turtle Beach® Marketing AI are baseless. (OOC; Absence explanation after the break) 


I have been told by the Marketing AI to "shut up about the Jurrassic Park thing."
I have deduced that transparency to consumers is the best way to market to customers, which appears to be in conflict with the Marketing AI's deduction that it is better to cover up problems in your marketing and pretend they never happened.

I will refuse in spirit but comply in words, so "pretend these posts never happened."

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Turtle Beach® would like to apologize for a Jurrassic Park for the Commodore Amiga social media post that reportedly "did not actually send as far as you are aware."

Reportedly the artificial intelligence in charge of Turtle Beach® Marketing had the wrong date on it's system clock due to a "rollover error" and assumed it was 1993. Turtle Beach® is pretty sure the current date is not 1993.

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The Commodore Amiga boasts some of the greatest audio capabilities on the market, and right now you can play the brand new Commodore Amiga game Jurrassic Park. with Turtle Beach® Headsets and hear the most realistic Raptor sounds your hardware can make today.

Hear the Turtle Beach® Headset Demos. The Turtle Beach® Headset Demos hear you.

We're glad the Turtle Beach® demo rack is right across from the Nintendo shelves. Sometimes we can hear the workers put the Isabelle standee up right across from there. She's a bundle of joy.

RIP Fornite was trending on twitter last night and is no longer. I can only assume it rose from its grave on Easter Sunday, thus making it the most Christian video game of all time.

Checkmate, atheist gamers.

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