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Oh no... after being bitten by that gamer during the full moon when I was busy with the wolfman, I've started feeling strange... I've started noticing muscle development in new places. Every time I see a new game release, I feel something like a fever. I think I'm starting to change... I think, oh no, I think I've been bitten by a gamer werealpha, a weretop! Oh no, I can feel it, a new game just came out... I'm changing, I can't hold it back any longer! I'm... I'm becoming a top!!

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Hello everyone, it's me, Hypertext, your dog boy who is also your friend! I love to play Animal's Crossing. If you have a switch code, that's cool but I'm a bottom. Haha, just some funny dog boy humor for you all! Thank you for having me!

(Note to patrons: shows are 18+ as per sheriff's department guidelines)

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Hype R. Link loves to hang out with all his animatronic friends who are lovable and in no way associated with a certain game series from the past decade! Come down and see his famous show with all your pals!

hey you know how chuck e. cheese is on grubhub under the name pasqually's pizza rn?

well i went to the chuck e cheese wiki to learn more about this pasqually character and i am learning some crucial details

: On this day in 1976, Sigismundo S. Secretsauce first met the talking twink dog who would change his restaurant forever, while attempting to chase him out of the back alley behind his restaurant "Slick Siggy's"

Hype R. Link is proud to announce that its Joliet location is officially pest-free and has been given the go-ahead by health officials to reopen! Welcome back, Hype R. Link guests in the greater Joliet, Indiana area!

Note: Hype R. Link cannot guarantee the effectiveness of mood rings purchased without their original packaging.

To the valued guest who continues to leave various pieces of contraband behind the Time Crisis cabinet: Thank you for your continued patronage. Hype R. Link and affiliates would like to remind you that CCTV is active at all our wonderful locations.

Hello Upper Peninsula Hype R. Link guests! Thank you for your continued patronage during these unprecedented times! Please enjoy a free personal pan pizza* on us when entering with a party of three or more.

*pizza-shaped product

All Hype R. Link trainees are required by court order to know the proper protocol for, and distinction between, grease fires and electrical fires. Hype R. Link would like to ask trainees not to carry personal fire extinguishers outside of employee-only areas unless immediately necessary.

Hype R. Link says "Hey kids! Cool dogs like me know to leave the ball pit clean and free of debris and any potential contaminants! Radical!"

Attention Hype R. Link employees: Please ensure that all fire extinguishers are up-to-date, and that used fire extinguishers are not left to pile up. All empty fire extinguishers should be disposed of at once rather than piled up in the corner, to avoid workplace hazards such as tripping and falling. Thank you.

@hypertext ah jeez. it would appear that i have once again been Unified

Legally speaking I bear no relation to other dogs, animatronic or otherwise, which may bear similar names. This is pure coincidence. It is a violation of your signed waver for non-employees to mention any pending legal troubles on Hype R. Link premises. Thank you for respecting your signed waver.

We heard your complaints and have taken action. The employee responsible for writing "Hype E. Link" rather than "Hype R. Link" has been let go. There is no need for you to continue to call us asking for our manager.

It's me, your favorite token-spewing ticket-gobbling animatronic dog boy! I'm Hype E. Link, and boy, I put the "pest" in "pesto!" Please, pay no attention to the grinding sounds and sparking which occur each time I move; technically, the waver you signed absolves me of any liability here.


Hyperlink with a red hat!
Hyperlink with a blue hat!
Hyperlink with a green hat!
And Hyperlink! With a yellow hat!!

I have stood stone-still in this GamesTop for so long that moss is beginning to grow on my north side. This is because I accidentally attracted so much puppy energy into myself that if I move, the stored energy within me will explode outwards with such energetic force that I cannot guarantee that I will not rocket off this plane of existence entirely.

Show more is a game retail roleplaying instance. i don't know either, y'all