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nintendo is first developer where all games are made by kids, and for kids, with all profits going directly to kids. (we're all somebody's children)

Lead, follow, get out of the way, or play Super Mario Bros.

I am the BEST and I prove it every day undisputed the best world. I don't know why anyone questions it.

from now on super mario bros will be known as "the first video game" every game before that is just a practice game

there is a war on mario. make sure you choose the right side.

there is one super mario born every generation

BOOST if you think nintendo needs to add a mario sister!!!

just the word mario repeated fifty times 

I will do literally anything to get you to play super mario bros

do you hear that?


buy super mario bros for the nintendo wii and you will be absolved of all your sins

Listen to the sound of my voice.

You are under my control.

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