the shrink wrap from these unsold copies of anthem sustains my existence for just that little while longer

anyone managed to find their way out of the abandoned prison you fall into through that door in the staff bathroom?

been stuck in here for days, just found a drum of beef casserole dating to 1946 in the cafeteria here

company policy dictates that all copies of box office bust go down the garbage disposal, not the microwave

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can you people clean up after yourselves in the staff kitchen? just found 4 melted copies of leisure suit larry: box office bust splattered all over the microwave and at least another 10 copies in the oven

for promotional purposes i have been instructed to tell customers i'm a very small chocobo

been stuck in sleep paralysis for the last day or so

a kid was licking a copy of sonic 06 and scratching the disc with his little filthy fingers and i couldn't do a thing about it

time to retire to my GamesTop Employee Hammock and sleep for my required 3.8 hours before i am prodded with electric prods and forced to fill the used game shelf with games that mysteriously show up in a box overnight

Please pre-order the new Halo my district manager has cameras everywhere

we do not know the recipe for halo curry, please stop asking


I am not available in-box

A two year old drooled on it 25 years ago and it has since become but one of many in a legion of relics lost to the landfills


may i interest you in some officially licenced Baldi's Basics blind figurine bags? they're only $2.99 when purchased with any FIFA or Madden title prior to FIFA/Madden 17

Bring in any game within the next five minutes and we'll sneeze on you! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Preorder with GamesTop to drop in with the exclusive Dew Blaster. The Covenant won't know what hit them.

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