did you know they make a small playstation 4 called a vita

i learn so much every time ai go to gamestp[

herees a weird trick i learned ono how to get unlimitied v bucks in fortnite

step one go to your friend marcos house step two find where there dad ekeeps his wallet steep 3 anything in there that says visa is you tickeet t

im really mad because i bougth this tie last time i went to gamestop and now my parents wont let me wear it to church tomorrow

i told my parents not to bother with easter baskets this year i know the easter bunny isnt realy

unless he wants to bring me a nintendo switch then i believe in you easter bunny he is risen

im working on a review of legend of zelda:breath of the wile for my school newspaper want to see it okay here goes

legend of zelda: breath of the wile: written by nintendo: review by hunter:

i dont have a switch or a big wii but i played this at my uncles house over the summer

thats all i have s far

this post was supposed to say minecraft im sorry im trying to fix it the shift key on my school chromebook is broken and im afraid if i use capslock i wont be able to turn it off

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gamestop.store is a game retail roleplaying instance. i don't know either, y'all