I think, if you can't fit your character design within a 12x12 pixel space, they're not all that well designed

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New deal! Trade in anything and we'll give you an egg! We have a bazillion of these! Please! Take them off of our hands!

was that taco bell always in the food court?

no, I'm not interested in spending even "just" $200 on a new game console. I'm already planning on blowing $120 to get both the magic and fairy versions of the On...

are there.... robots in the store? is that allowed?

why is there a whole wall of funko pops in here

I played a bit of the DS a while back, I might still have that lying around somewhere... I hope I can find my copy of tamagotchi connection: corner shop

I don't really know my way around here... I'm used to Barnes and Noble but they're not open at the moment


gamestop.store is a game retail roleplaying instance. i don't know either, y'all