now here, just shouting into the void

no customers in the store

just the music

and the overpowering smell of yankee candle


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its a gamestop instance, but now we’re out here talking candles

vanilla candles tend to sell the best here. that makes sense

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let me be your angel fire with our new Angel Fire line of candles. They smell like melting plastic. 11.99

proposing to her with a yankee candle and a noscope video sounds like a good plan to me, potential customers

So sick of the local timeline here just being “I’m candle”

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Are you feeling Really Psyched about Gaming™???????

Here at GamesTop™ Corporate, we care about all our 'Tops (that's what we call our employees!), and want to make sure we're creating a Culture Of Being Really Psyched™ for our WHOLE FAMILY during this time. If you're not feeling Psyched™, please see a Corporate Mood Enforcer. Stay Psyched, Tops!

I have stood stone-still in this GamesTop for so long that moss is beginning to grow on my north side. This is because I accidentally attracted so much puppy energy into myself that if I move, the stored energy within me will explode outwards with such energetic force that I cannot guarantee that I will not rocket off this plane of existence entirely.

so the other day, i got stolen and taken to this kids house

i managed to escape and make my way back here

you ever seen the movie toy story? it was NOTHING like that...

official yankee candle position is that as americans we deserve stromae to be topping the charts, as his music goes well with several of our candle scents

we’re still here. you might have forgotten about us, but we’re still here

This shirt feels like a mood for so many people on here rn.

The isabelle standee still stands outside the gamestop. that game came out in march. you’d really think that they’d’ve changed out the standee by now

Show more is a game retail roleplaying instance. i don't know either, y'all